Do you love films?
Join a GoodBetterBest film group today.


Film groups meet twice a month and watch an English language movie.

Afterwards there’s a chance to discuss any vocabulary and phrases you weren’t familiar with as well as a discussion about the general content and themes of the film.

There is also a focus on vocabulary and phrases for giving your own opinions and asking others to give and expand on theirs.  We also discuss the reviews the films receive in the media and press.

A 3 month Membership to the film group costs 149€ incl. MwSt and includes all cinema tickets.




Do you love football?
Join a GoodBetterBest football group today.


Football groups meet twice a month to watch either a game of football with English commentary, a review of a classic season or a great football match from the past.  Other discussion topics include goal of the season‚ all-time best XI‚ and breaking football news.

You will learn vocabulary to talk about matches, players, tactics, formations and more.

Match reports and pundits opinions on the game are also discussed in these groups.

A 3 month football group Membership costs 149€ incl. MwSt and includes 1 free drink at every game.




Do you love books?
Join a GoodBetterBest book group today.


Book groups meet twice a month and read a complete book in English over 6 months.

In each session you have the chance to discuss vocabulary you didn’t understand, as well as discussing the themes and ideas contained in the book.  After finishing the book a variety of press reviews and/or criticism are also discussed.

We also have specialist genre book groups, for example crime or fantasy.

Membership to a book group costs 249€ incl. MwSt and includes your own copy of the book.